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Address: 35319 315th Ave.  Melrose, MN

The Start

The Bluffs started in the fall of 2012 as a small herd of seven Scottish Highlanders. The Highlanders were chosen for their hardiness, quality meat, gentle temperament, and uniqueness in appearance and character. The herd has grown to about 110 Highlanders. Since the start, we have added Suffolk sheep, Gloucestershire Old Spots pigs, turkeys, and egg-laying chickens. We intend on using all of these animals with unique foraging roles to maximize soil and farm health.

A Family Tradition

The Bluffs' story began long, long ago: 1887 to be more exact. August Uphoff immigrated from Bersenbrück, Germany to Melrose, Minnesota. August grew up on a farm in Germany, and established his own farmstead in Melrose. Since then, four generations of Uphoffs have farmed the very land that August settled. While the Uphoffs have always had cattle, it began as a dairy farm. Most of its years, the farm operated as a dairy farm. However, The Bluffs has turned its focus to 100% grass-fed beef and other pastured meats, with no remaining dairy cattle.

New Traditions

Prior to the establishment of The Bluffs, the farm was steeped in environmentally-conscious practices. The Bluffs continues these practices, such as the use of no-till and cover crops. The farm also received Stearns County's first Water Quality Certification, participates in the Conservation Stewardship Program and Conservation Reserve Program through the USDA, and planted a pollinator plot in coordination with Conservation Marketplace Midwest. Most importantly, The Bluffs is currently converting many of its crop fields to pasture, better serving the wildlife, native plant, soil, and water quality.