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Address: 35319 315th Ave.  Melrose, MN

If you've been looking to save money and are ready to commit to supporting your local farmers, then the Steakholders Club is for you!


You pay $75 for a 6-month membership, then receive 20% off of retails cuts as you buy them. And yes, this includes beef, lamb, pork (when available in spring), eggs, and even soap! This means YOU choose what you buy, and you don't need to spend a lot of money upfront or have the freezer space to store an entire quarter. We are looking at ways to expand the value of your membership by offering new items and perks (stay tuned for more!)


As a member, order as frequently or as infrequently as you like. All orders must be picked up at a farmers market or at a designated delivery site. Savings can only be applied to in-stock items at retail price.


This is to purchase a membership, and does not purchase any meat. If you provide us with an address, we are happy to send you a physical card confirming your Steakholders Club membership, perfect if you are looking to purchase the membership as a gift!

Steakholders Club Membership