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Address: 35319 315th Ave.  Melrose, MN

The Farmers

We are Ashley and Ross Uphoff, the founders and owners of The Bluffs. Both of us attended college in Wisconsin, earned degrees in conservation, and worked for conservation government agencies after graduating. It wasn't long until we realized that the best way for us to be stewards of our environment, community, and personal lives was to raise animals as naturally and sustainably as possible. While we are still perfecting our methods, we pour our heart and souls into the farm knowing that it's what we were meant to do.

The Farm Dog

Tonka joined The Bluffs in 2017, and has done more than his fair share of work around here! Tonka is an Australian Shepherd, which are known for being smart, hard-working, and loyal dogs. Tonka checks all of those boxes and is a perfect representation of the Australian Shepherd. When he's not helping Ross or Ashley move the fold or flock, Tonka enjoys chasing four-wheelers, running with his sticks, playing with squeeky toys, going on adventures, and laying around belly-up.

The Fold

The Bluffs' fold (the term for a herd of Scottish Highlanders) are representative of the unique breed, for many reasons. One of the more spectacular features is their range of beautiful colors. The Bluffs' Highlanders are white, silver, yellow, red, dun and black! Other special features of Highlanders are their long horns and long hair, which is particularly useful during Minnesota's bitterly cold winters. Most importantly, Highlanders' personalities are a perfect fit for us. They are docile, hardy, and produce delicious meat. 

The Swine

Our pigs are another unique breed: Gloucestershire Old Spots (GOS). Also called an "orchard pig," GOS are another hardy breed that known to forage for wind-fallen apples in an orchard. In 2018, we purchased our first GOS. After a full year of having GOS, we couldn't be happier! We currently have one gilt, Mike, and one sow, Bezequille, who is raising a healthy litter of six beautiful piglets born August 10!

The Flock

In 2017, The Bluffs acquired Suffolk sheep. We did not have any previous experience with sheep, so it certainly has been quite the learning curve! Despite its challenges, we love our daily interactions with our Suffolks. Right now, our Suffolk sheep that graze our pastures in the spring, summer, and winter months. Our Suffolks have their baby lambs around March or April, and those lambs graze right alongside their mothers all summer. 

The Poultry

Our chickens and turkeys are all free-range and supplemented with non-GMO, soy-free feed. Most of the time, they spend their days foraging on vegetation and insects all around the farm yard. Currently, we offer whole turkeys and chicken eggs, but hope to add meat chickens to our pastures and your plates!