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Ross was born and raised on the farm when it was still a dairy farm. Not interested in dairy farming, he went to school and earned his BS in forestry. Ross then spent most of his early career as a wildland firefighter in Montana and Wyoming. After several years out west, the farm called him home again. Knowing he didn't want to dairy farm the rest of his life, Ross sought a new way to farm. That's when he pursued grass-fed beef farming, specifically with Scottish Highland cattle.

Ross's favorite part of farming is working with the animals. Farming wouldn't be the same without them.



Ashley grew up in southeast Wisconsin in a small agriculture community. Growing up hunting and fishing, she pursued a degree and later career in conservation law enforcement. Six years into her career, she was ready to dedicate more of her time to farming and resigned from her conservation law enforcement job. Now, she spends most of her time farming: rotating animals on pasture, learning to make hay, and handling most of the marketing aspects of the farm.

Ashley's favorite part of farming is the variety. She loves driving equipment, working with animals, the marketing aspect, and even getting creative when processing cow horns or making soap from lard.



Tonka joined the farm in 2017. An Australian Shepherd, Tonka demonstrates ideal breed traits with his eager-to-please attitude, unmatched agility, and natural herding instinct.

You'll find Tonka accompanying Ashley or Ross around the farm yard and in the pastures. He enjoys moving cows, lazy afternoons, and meeting new people at the farmers markets.



In 2020, Luka joined The Bluffs! He's a German Shepherd, and will play roles both as a farm guardian and livestock herder.

Still young, Luka has lots to learn about farm life, but already loves swimming in the Sauk River, barking at farm cats, and pestering Tonka incessantly. Soon, we expect he and Tonka to be best friends!

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